My Story

My story is probably similar to yours.  Like so many others who come to Houston or other Harris County communities looking for promise, this City has given me the opportunity to succeed. My experience has taught me something that we, as Houstonians all believe; that is, regardless of where we come from in life, what matters more is where we are going.  

I am a “homegrown product,” that is; I am a native Texan and Houstonian, having grown up in the Northeast part of Harris County, in Aldine.  After I attended MacArthur High School, I was part of the first generation in my family to attend college.  Many years before, my grandfather worked as a waiter at Texas A&M’s Sebisa Hall (now a student cafeteria), and he dreamed of either his children or his grandchildren attending Texas A&M University.  He lived long enough to witness my brother and me earn bachelor’s degrees from A&M.   

Returning to Houston, my goal was to pursue my dream of becoming a lawyer and, eventually, respond to the call to public service.  While at South Texas College of Law, I recognized the value in actively competing in moot court and mock trial competitions.  I recognized that such competitive experiences would make me a better trial lawyer and advocate.

After law school, I had the honor of clerking for an appellate justice at the Fourteenth Court of Appeals, which taught me the meaning of judicial restraint and respect for the rule of law.  This translated into my partnership in a mid-sized civil defense firm, where I had a statewide trial and appellate practice for over a decade.  Thereafter, I was honored to serve in the judiciary for over five years as Judge of the 165th Civil District Court and County Civil Court at Law No. 1.  In 2017, Governor Greg Abbott appointed me as Judge of the 190th Civil District Court.

My most important roles, however, are that of a wife and mother.  My husband, Eric, and I have been married for over fourteen years.  He is a former Captain the United States Army, and we are the proud parents of two young children.  We teach our children the importance of serving others, and we are active members of Houston’s First Baptist Church.  In my free time, I enjoy playing the piano, long-distance running, and as a family, we enjoy the opportunity to travel internationally to learn and appreciate other cultures.

As Judge, I am honored and privileged to serve you on a daily basis.  In fact, serving you in the civil courthouse has a special significance for me.  My father, who was a sheet metal fabricator, led the team that fabricated the iconic star that now rests on top of the courthouse.  As a result, each day I walk the steps of the courthouse, I am easily reminded why I am there: that is, to fulfill my call to serve you through administering justice.  

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